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lol, was running as root.
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root lol, was running as root. 6 years ago
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What is this?

This is a simple backup server for backing up multiple hosts to with borgbackup. It takes in requires config file in json format, that is used to generate the authorized_keys file, which is regenerated on every container startup.


This container has three volumes:

  • /backup/config, which should contain a file called hosts.json, that contains the hosts allowed to connect to this server. For an example, look at the repo of the generation go script at Please note, that the folder variable in the beginning must be set to the next volume:
  • /backup/storage, where the actual backups will be located in.
  • /backup/keys, where the host keys of the ssh daemon will be stored, so that replacing the container won't make it untrusted, because of changing keys.


This container only listens on port 22, for SSH connections. Map that to some other host port, and connect to that with something like borg create ssh://borg@server:10022/backup/storage/client::archive1, assuming that the hostname of your server is server, the clients hostname is client and you mapped port 22 to port 10022 on the server.