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<title>youtube-dl: Donations</title>
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<td class="title"><a href="index.html">youtube-dl</a></td>
<td class="subtitle">Donations</td>
<p>You can donate via Bitcoin at <a href="bitcoin:17EEDY6MuqLQ3jrTeyYaaUXbc6dFaZEYw7">17EEDY6MuqLQ3jrTeyYaaUXbc6dFaZEYw7</a> .</p>
<p>You can donate via PayPal here:</p>
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<p>We also appreciate wire transfers to our <a href="">hosting provider</a>:</p>
<tr><th>account holder</th><td>Jonas Pasche</td></tr>
<tr><th>account number</th><td>200003978 (IBAN: DE35550501200200003978)</td></tr>
<tr><th>bank</th><td>Sparkasse Mainz</td></tr>
<tr><th>(German) bank code</th><td>55050120 (BIC: MALADE51MNZ)</td></tr>
<tr><th>Note (important!)</th><td>Uberspace ytdl</td></tr>
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Copyright © 2006-2011 Ricardo Garcia Gonzalez<br />
Copyright © 2011-2020 youtube-dl developers

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<p>You can also contact us on the irc channel <a href="irc://">#youtube-dl</a> (<a href=";channels=youtube-dl">webchat</a>) on freenode.</p>
<p>If you like this project, you may donate <a href="donations.html">here</a>.</p>
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