A rust library for the german Pen&Paper RPG "Das Schwarze Auge"
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This is a work-in-progress library for “Das Schwarze Auge”, a german pen and paper RPG. It targets the fifth edition and intentionally does not come with any content, to avoid infringement of the copyright of Ulisses Medien & Spiel Distribution GmbH. Instead, it does come with a schema of how the content needs to be formatted. For usage, please create the content files yourself, using their rule books as sources.

Current features:

  • Characteristics
  • Skills
  • Trials for each of the above.

The architecture of the code above isn’t very good though, so for now I’d just wait (or participate in planning a better architecture).

Planned features:

Out of scope (for this library):

  • Any kind of UI/CLI for the things above
  • Content: This library should only implement concepts, like skills, but not contain actual instances of those concepts. The content is something the user needs to obtain themselves.